Agricultural upside

By Guest Blogger on August 9, 2016


Things are great!  Yes, they are, but the true caveat is – only if you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunity.

When the agricultural market started to show signs of slowing, what did you as a leader in your organization do?  Did you implement a prepared plan…? Did you execute flawlessly the strategy that was already developed?  Did you Stop, Drop, and Roll… hoping not to get burned…  Or did you do what a lot of companies did and are doing… hope and pray that you can out last the down turn.  I don’t mean to paint a glum picture.  What I do want to paint is a picture of recovery. 

You see, we can’t do anything about what has happened.  Try as we might, it won’t do any good to blame the politicians.  So, where does that leave us?  Let’s review the landscape.  Agriculture is something that will never go away and the business side will never go away.  That’s GOOD NEWS!!  The question now becomes how do we position the company to exist in the market.  Now you’re thinking.  But don’t stop there… the next question is and has to be WHICH market; WHICH Country, and HOW?

You see, we got into this by thinking to narrowly, and we can’t make that same mistake again.  We must first gather all the information that we can so that we have enough information to make and educated decision.

ExporTech is the place to get educated and now is the time to execute the plan.  Learn what you need to know so that you can make sure that you are in the right market, and that you are doing the right things so that you never have to endure the hardships associated with a down turn in the U.S. agricultural economy.  It makes no difference what the market is; the biggest setback to any company is a lack of knowledge or information.  You see, information is the “What” and knowledge is the “How”.

It makes no difference “What” you have if you don’t know “How” to use it.  Come to the next ExporTech session in Wichita KS and get both the “What” and “How”!! The success of your business depends on your level of Knowledge.  Ask yourself one question… Can I afford not to?