KMS Connect Safety Assessment for Kansas Manufacturers

Safety Gap Assessment
Take control of your safety risks by reducing them!

The safety of our current environment may be uncertain, but your employees should certainly feel safe when they are under your roof. 

OSHA experienced Safety Experts will:

  • Determine safety and health program gaps in meeting regulatory requirements
  • Provide recommendations to eliminate potential loss producing hazards
  • Review and update written environmental, safety and health programs
  • Identify required OSHA training that may be behind schedule
  • Consult with management on ways to improve operational and safety processes

Up to eight (8) hours are required of your time in order for our safety consultants to put together a detailed written report and presentation on how to upgrade your workplace safety!

Our process includes:

  • Conducting an on-site walk through of your facility
  • Reviewing your existing written programs, procedures, assessments, and training material
  • Reviewing your industry’s requirements
  • Conducting employee interviews regarding effectiveness of existing programs

A safe work environment is a happy and productive work environment.