KMS Connect Utility Assessment for Kansas Manufacturers

Utilities Assessment

Manufacturing processes can require sizable chunks of energy including cooling and heating, lighting and of course running the production line.  And that can be a major expense for manufacturers.  However, in many cases, that expense can be reduced. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to have an energy expert audit your manufacturing facility and provide a recommendation report.   

The process consists of an on-site walk-through that will last 2-4 hours (depending on facility and staff size).  A recommendation report will be developed and delivered to the manufacturer.  

Our energy expert will review the following during audit:

  • Utility bills for tax savings, transport gas possibilities, and time of use (avoiding demand charges)
  • Lighting for possible improvement
  • Compressed air for possible upgrades and maintenance/process improvements
  • HVAC for efficiency upgrades
  • Pumps, motors and fans for efficiency upgrades and process improvements
  • Other process items such as furnace insulation, idle machinery, and whatever ideas your team might have.