KMS LINK - A BRE Resource


LINK for BRE is a new, online BRE tool connecting economic development professionals to manufacturers in their community.

KMS has developed a user-friendly tool to help manufacturers identify their business challenges and provide customized solutions. This resource tool will be available to Kansas economic development organizations looking to enhance their Business & Retention and Attraction programs while developing a more robust manufacturing community.



What is LINK?

LINK is a resource tool that offers economic development professionals the ability to grow their BRE program while connecting and strengthening relationships with their manufacturing community.  


  • Capture detailed information about their businesses that will provide extraordinary insight into their economic potential.The information is not just for you, though.
  • Strengthen relationships with manufacturers by providing them a value-added, customized, comprehensive results report to encourage growth.
  • An in-depth interview with business owner(s)/leadership staff and a proprietary LINK growth assessment will crystallize the current situation and future growth objectives, uncover the strengths and weaknesses in the business, and with KMS's participation, determine a workable and customized action plan for growth.

As a result, a more robust manufacturing industry community develops, encouraging growth in expansion and attraction.

Available to Economic Development organizations today!