MAMTC Minutes (April) - 235.5 Million Reasons for You to Check Out MAMTC

MAMTC is positively impacting Kansas manufacturing

235.5 Million Reasons for You to Check Out MAMTC.

235.5 million is a big number.  And, that number is good for Kansas manufacturers.  That is the total number of dollars of new and retained sales that MAMTC impacted with Kansas manufacturers in 2018. (based upon third party surveys of MAMTC's 2018 clients)  

If your manufacturing business needs assistance growing profits, increasing sales, attracting and retaining workforce or getting quality products out the door on time, you should reach out to MAMTC.  Your growth could end up being included in MAMTC's 2019 impacts.  (Who doesn't like a positive ROI?)  

Here are some additional 2018 MAMTC impacts with Kansas manufacturers:

 $127.5 Million - New Client Investments

$70.1 Million - Cost Savings

3,448 - Total Increased and Retained Jobs

$235.5 Million - Total New and Retained Sales

MAMTC is proud to support manufacturers who are so important to Kansas, the Kansas economy and Kansas communities.  We will continue our hard work to partner with Kansas manufacturers on their efforts to improve effectiveness, efficiency, profitability and growth.  

Check out MAMTC's website to find out how they help Kansas manufacturers and then contact MAMTC for assistance to help your manufacturing business grow.


(Clients of MAMTC, the only trusted advisor focused specifically on the manufacturing industry in Kansas,  are surveyed approximately 6 months after a project has been completed.  This information, called IMPACTS, is compiled by a third party who publicly publishes the results.)