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An Aerospace Hardware and Hose Assemblies Manufacturer Creates a Strategic Roadmap


Since 1983, Mid-State Aerospace, Inc. has been a premier provider of aerospace hardware and hose assemblies for commercial and military aerospace, as well as specialized industrial and marine applications. MSA has built a strong reputation of providing exceptional products and service to original equipment manufacturers, government agencies, and maintenance repair providers.
As a wholly minority woman owned small business, MSA has assembled a team of key personnel with over 100 years of experience in providing high quality products, unrivaled customer support and a thorough understanding of MSA’s commitment to satisfying their customer’s needs. MSA is dedicated to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction for one simple reason: their customers are their most important asset. It is their customer’s confidence in the service and quality product they provide that has made it possible for this company to prosper and grow.  

Mid-State Aerospace - A KMS Client


Mid-State Aerospace is a financially successful manufacturing company which is especially impressive because they only have 25 employees.  With many small companies, time limitations make the most pressing needs the focus.  Planning for the future, especially in the middle of a global pandemic, was not Mid-State’s most pressing need.  However, a majority of their business was with one client.  Although a multi-year contract was in place, they realized there was a risk of that business going away.  With no plan for growth, MSA could become financially unsuccessful overnight.
Mid-State Aerospace brought in Kansas Manufacturing Solutions to do the heavy lifting for them, knowing their ability to do so on their own was limited because of time constraints and not understanding what was required to create a flexible, actionable growth plan during an uncertain time.  Additionally, MSA’s reporting mechanisms did not provide a solid view of elements of their business performance.      


Kansas Manufacturing Solutions supported Mid-State Aerospace with the Agile solution.  Agile is a strategic planning solution developed to assist manufacturers during the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and future economic uncertainties.  The solution provides manufacturers a roadmap that allows them to pivot based upon changing conditions.  Through Agile, recommendations were made to help MSA make changes in their organization to help them become more agile and growth oriented.  
After a full analytical review, a 7-point plan was established for MSA that accounted for their appetite for controlled growth and was achievable within their resource set.  The unique analytics showcased where MSA could win with their current distribution model as well where they had a high probability to penetrate new markets profitability. Specifically, where to focus to increase close rates, bandwidth in their pricing models, how to better partner with their largest distributer which included embedding a MSA employee in their organization, and joint strategic planning sessions.  The plan also prioritized and how to diversify industries and customers within these new verticals to mitigate their single supplier risk.
Agile also provided MSA guidance when they experienced a COVID-19 outbreak in their facility.  They were able to make pivots that allowed them to keep their facility operational, avoiding the loss of existing and new orders.  
An upgrade to their website and proudly communicating MSA’s story of being a minority woman owned company also have helped expand their marketability.    


Mid-State Aerospace, as a result of the agile strategic planning roadmap, was able to realize the following results:

  • $3,000,000 of cost savings as a result of being able to pivot to keep the facility open during a COVID outbreak
  • $1,600,000 in retained sales
  • $300,000 in new sales by increasing close rates, turning quotes into orders


"KMS was able to take a very complex set of opportunities facing Mid-State Aerospace, distill them down to very understandable and prioritized list of actions to grow our business as well as develop a roadmap to address the COVID impacts from both an operational and economic standpoint."

Robert Rogers, President, Mid-State Aerospace