2021 Kansas Manufacturing Industry Questionnaire

Kansas Manufacturers, make your voices heard. (and enter for the opportunity to win one of three prizes)


As a Kansas manufacturer, you have faced numerous challenges in the last 12 months.  Kansas Manufacturing Solutions and our private and public sector partners, including the Kansas Manufacturing Council, are sponsoring this initiative. We are asking you to spend 10-15 minutes participating in the second annual state-wide manufacturing industry questionnaire.

  • Your responses are anonymous and confidential. 
  • The questionnaire is being administered by the National Business Research Institute, a third-party organization. 
  • We cannot link survey responses to actual companies or individuals. 
  • The overall results of the survey will be shared in summary only. Individual responses will not be reported in any way.

Why take the survey?    

Taking this survey is a chance to make a real impact on how key stakeholders in manufacturing make decisions in the future.  The results will help shape the offerings and services of manufacturing support organizations, workforce training programs, your local economic development organizations, and more.

The final aggregated results will be shared widely.  When we release the results in the late spring of 2021, you’ll receive a copy of the results report so you can see how your company matches up with other Kansas manufacturers in your industry.

You will also have the chance to be entered into a drawing for an opportunity to win one of three awesome prizes!

Most of all, this is a chance to make your voice heard on issues that matter to your business!   

This questionnaire for manufacturers, which consists of 32 questions, will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. This survey is only for businesses that produce physical goods, with production locations in Kansas, and all responses are anonymous and confidential.

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions and our partners thank you for participating in this survey, as well as being an important contributor to your local, state, and national economy. 

The Kansas Manufacturing Solutions Team

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