Organizational Planning & Strategy Development

NAAB Electric is a family owned cool enclosure manufacturing company offering sealed electrical cabinet enclosures. The company was started 34 years ago by Michael Gian. The company is looking to grow regionally, nationally and globally.

Company owners have seen the business grow, and recently received a provisional patent on their Cool Enclosure.  Projected orders are good and if market projections are accurate NAAB would not be able to fill the orders and support its current repair business.  It was understood that a Marketing plan and organizational strategy were needed in order to grow the business.

Company leadership realized that outside help was needed, but a lack of operating capital after acquiring the provisional patent meant that their next steps needed to be well defined and correct.  Help was needed in virtually every aspect of the company pertaining to expansion and marketing.  NAAB had decided it needed to focus available funds to address business organization and positioning the business for future growth.

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, formerly MAMTC, worked closely with the leaders of NAAB Electric to establish a clear concise vision and mission for the company as well as gather information necessary for growth and transferring of knowledge.   NAAB focused efforts on establishing an executable Export marketing plan. 


  • Developed an executable Export Marketing plan.
  • Developed a clear and concise Vision and Mission statement to guide the company’s efforts for years to come.
  • Started the fundamental steps for developing a succession plan to ensure a successful transition when the time is right.

As a result of working with KMS on the Organizational Planning project, NAAB is now able to move forward with a clear concise business plan to grow, meet customer demand and sustain the growth through a succession transition.


The intervention that KMS provided has allowed us to identify and restructure key elements of our business process.  They helped us identify a clear plan of action and provide structure to our efforts that we are able to repeat with great success in the future.  The techniques and practices that we learned has better positioned us for future growth and sustainability.  We would not have been able to do this on our own.  “Our contact at KMS was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  We look forward to continued learning and application of beneficial business practices and techniques” -

Alicia Gian-Maciulis, Marketing and Sales