On 9/8/21, KMS hosted a webinar regarding the Covid vaccine, employees, and employer's legal rights.

As the COVID-19 delta variant spreads, many employers are requiring workers to show proof of their vaccination status.  Employers have to walk a fine line, balancing workplace safety policies and employee privacy considerations.

This webinar touched upon answers to the most commonly asked questions from manufacturers by our human resource professional and employment law attorney experts.

The top four questions answered in this informative webinar are:

Can we legally ask for vaccination status?
Can we legally require our employees to be vaccinated?
Can we legally track the vaccinations of our employees?
Can we terminate employment based on vaccination status?

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To access a PDF copy of the presentation, please click HERE.

You can also take advantage of a limited time opportunity to have an employee handbook created or updated, including a Covid-19 policy addendum, at no cost to you.  More information and the ability request an employee handbook can be found HERE