IMPACTS for Kansas Manufacturers

Positive Impacts for Kansas Manufacturing

We help Kansas manufacturers compete and grow. It’s why we exist. How do we know it’s working?

Six months following the end of a project with a client, an independent third party surveys the clients to learn if they have experienced growth as a result of working with KMS.  The data below indicates that our manufacturing clients are achieving success as a result of working with KMS. 

For the 2022, our clients reported:

  • $465.2 million in new and retained sales
  • $114.6 million in new investment
  • $30.8 million in cost savings
  • 3,873 jobs created or retained

as a result of working with Kansas Manufacturing Solutions.*

Manufacturers who have utilized MEP Centers, such as Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, have on average experienced a return on investment of 14:1.  

Now, think about the challenges you’re facing in your manufacturing operation.  We would like to help you positively impact your business.   


* Kansas Manufacturing Solutions is serving our state as part of the NIST MEP national network. As a requirement of our agreement with NIST, our clients are surveyed on a quarterly basis via an independent third party source to report economic impacts as a result of our services. These numbers came from our clients.