KMS Manufacturing Events in Kansas

Register for upcoming events.   There is a lot of great information out there to help you grow your manufacturing business.  We want you to be able to take advantage of it. 

December 2020
  • Food Safety Series: Food Microbiology

    December 3, 2020

    Free webinar: This webinar will touch on the differences in indicator, index, and pathogenic organisms. We will also discuss the mitigation of food microbiology in the manufacturing setting to...

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  • A Continuous Improvement Training Like No Other

    December 4, 2020 to December 18, 2020

    A unique 3-day training class offered at a special price for a limited number of attendees!   Use continuous improvement to reduce your uncertainty. This is not the time to take a wait and see...

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  • Food Safety Series: Food Safety Systems

    December 10, 2020

    Free webinar: All food manufacturers are required to have food safety systems in place by the Code of Federal Regulations. We will examine which systems are of most importance within the FDA and...

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  • Food Safety Series: Food Labeling & New Regulation

    December 17, 2020

    Free webinar: The FDA has launched new labeling regulation as of 2020. We will examine that regulation, which products it affects, and how it affects those products. Additionally, we will discuss...

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January 2021