KMS Solutions for Kansas Manufacturers

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions is an experienced consultant focused on solving Kansas manufacturer's most pressing problems.  We take a collaborative approach to learn about your business and challenges, and identify areas of improvement that will have the greatest problem-solving impact on your company's production and financial performance and your personal well-being.  

As Kansas’s official Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center, we leverage local and national resources to provide on-site support, strategy and planning, and technical assistance to manufacturers of all sizes across our state.  And we are held accountable by your results.

Areas of expertise: 

Workforce solutions



The challenge of building a skilled workforce is the most common issue for manufacturers and one of the largest drivers of stress for a business leader.  And the challenge continues to grow in size and urgency. 

The most successful organizations get superior business results by building effective programs to engage and invest in their employees.  Find out how you can too!


Manufacturing Process Improvement


Getting a high-quality product out the door on-time at the lowest possible cost can be a challenging and frustrating experience, professionally and personally. Manufacturers need to use effective processes to eliminate waste, lower costs, and provide high quality products. 

Here is where to start.

Manufacturing Leadership Development


Business operations can be the most demanding part of running a business for people who are experts in manufacturing, especially for smaller manufacturers whose leaders must wear multiple hats.  This can leave a manufacturing leader feeling overwhelmed.  

To stay competitive in the marketplace, manufacturing leaders should always be considering new ways to manage and operate their business.  Here are some options. 

Why should you utilize KMS's experienced problem-solvers for your Kansas manufacturing business?

  • We have proven, published results provided directly from our Kansas manufacturing clients.  If they don't succeed, we don't succeed.
  • Our experience with a variety of manufacturing client challenges provides us knowledge and insight that can help resolve your problems so you can rest easier. 
  • We bring solutions to you.  You don't have to spend excessive amounts of time researching solutions or locating resources on your own.   
  • We own the project for you start to finish.  While you are involved, we are doing the heavy lifting. (We don't just provide recommendations and disappear.  We work shoulder to shoulder with you.)
  • Often, our manufacturing clients are so focused on their product and the way things have been done in the past, they can't locate the root cause that is restricting their growth and causing frustrations.  We can be an objective third party.   See the Forest blog article.  
  • We focus only on manufacturing and specifically, only Kansas manufacturers.  We are committed to this industry and to this great state.  

Hopefully, these are enough strong reasons why you should consider a conversation with us so you can eventually stress less and make more.   Let's talk about your situation.