COVID-19 - The Next Wave Webinar

COVID-19 - The Next Wave Webinar

KMS hosted a webinar on August 13th with Sonia Hall, CEO and President of BioKansas.  

During the webinar, Sonia provided an educational and informative discussion about pandemics, viruses, and the complexity of the COVID-19.   

Here is a link to a replay of the webinar.  REPLAY

The videos Sonia used in her presentation will not appear on the webinar replay.  The links to these videos are below:

Video 1:
Video 2:

We have also provided a downloadable copy of the presentation.  Here is a link to the web page where the presentation is stored.  PRESENTATION

As Sonia indicated, there is a lot we do not know about the coronavirus.  So, it is good to prepare a strategy of preparedness as the economic climate continues to adjust.  On August 20th, Nic Lyons of KMS will host a webinar about preparing for the next wave.  More information and registration can be found at  WWW.WEAREKMS.COM/EVENTS/PREPARING-FOR-THE-NEXT-WAVE