How to Build a Post-Pandemic Plan for Financial Resilience

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 11:00am to 11:45am


For many, COVID-19 has disrupted the flow of business and thrown financial plans off track. With so much uncertainty, solid financial planning is more important than ever. Learn important best practices to assess your financial situation, manage cash flow, work with lenders for opportunities, and build good financial health in an uncertain economy.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • Lender Discussions
  • Forecasting and Cash Flow Projections
  • Cash Conversion Cycle

KMS and our partner KCoe ISom look forward to hosting you for this complimentary educational webinar. 



Lisa Baalman

Lisa Baalman, KCoe


Construction and manufacturing business owners rely on Lisa Baalman. As a CPA and manager at KCoe, she fosters and supports good business health for multistate corporations, partnerships, and limited liability company entities. She looks for opportunities to save money and minimize financial risk.

Lisa is well versed in the qualifications for numerous tax credits, which helps enable construction and manufacturing businesses to hang on to more cash for working capital and reinvest in the business rather than overpaying on income taxes.

Scott Brin

Scott Brin - KCoe
Scott Brin serves as a manager with KCoe’s investment banking practice. He works closely with clients across various industries to quickly understand the inner workings of their business to assist in the strategic decision making process.  Scott prides himself on understanding and communicating the key business drivers and focuses on data driven decision making.

Prior to joining KCoe, Scott worked as an analyst with two publicly-traded companies focusing on new ventures and process improvement strategies to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Megan Johnson 

Megan Johnson - KCoe
Megan Johnson is a Manager with KCoe Isom’s Strategic Advisory Team. She helps clients across the firm elevate their financial-decision making by providing actionable and effective financial reporting and strategic business planning. Megan serves clients across all industries and has an extensive background in financial planning and analysis which includes building out budget and forecast projection models, developing monthly financial packages, and multi-year strategic initiative valuations.

Prior to joining KCoe, Megan spent most of her career in the Agriculture Retail Industry as a Financial Planning Manager for both public and private companies.