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Full Vision

A Precision Metal Fabricator Develops Its Leadership Team


Full Vision, founded in 1958, is an employee-owned ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered contract manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in precision metal fabrication. They specialize in products featuring structural tubing of many shapes and sizes. They can produce parts from carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Their goal is to form long-term strategic partnerships that create profitable growth for their employee-owned organization and offer value to customers. Their 152,500 square-foot manufacturing facility sits on 13 acres, centrally located in Newton, KS with easy access to interstate trucking, rail, and airport transportation.

Full Vision - A KMS Client


The Full Vision executive leadership team are each individually strong performers.  Full Vision has experienced good productivity from their talents.  However, Doug Scheible, Full Vision President and CEO, recognized there were opportunities for his executive leadership team to improve as a cohesive unit, which ultimately would strengthen the performance and success of the company, now and into the future.  A few of his concerns were:

  • The team was reactive.  For Full Vision to continue to experience success, the team needed to become more proactive, especially with planning, time management, and prioritization.
  • The team operated well as individuals but could use support in pulling together and becoming more aligned.
  • Individuals had different communication styles which on occasion would cause misunderstandings

Full Vision management needed group focused development & team building.


Productivity is the balance of how well we manage our time, attention, and energy. By making choices in certain ways to manage all three better, people can accomplish more of what’s important, while reducing life stressors.

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions customized a series of 6 leadership development sessions for the 9 executive leaders.   The sessions, 4 virtual and 2 in person, focused on:

  • Prioritization
  • Delegation and Calendar Control
  • Planning
  • Momentum and Accountability
  • Experience Bias & Communication

The project leader kept in contact with Doug throughout the training period, obtaining feedback that allowed for topical pivots based upon the specific needs and feedback of the attendees.  

During the executive productivity training, the participants self-identified issues they personally created and actively participated in the learning sessions.  


Doug reported that the participating executive leadership team are still referring to their executive productivity training learnings, months after the training concluded.  The impact on the organization is astounding with 10% increase in new sales and cost savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  


"I highly recommend the Executive Productivity Coaching program offered by KMS.  This was great for our management team to open their eyes to our shortcomings in planning and managing themselves.  Sessions were fast-paced, interactive and never boring.  Our management team looked forward to the sessions and continue to refer to and utilize what they learned.  A+"

Doug Scheible, CEO