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In 2011, Wanda Chaffain began baking from their family home in Waverly, Kansas, and selling her baked goods at local Farmer’s Markets. It started as a supplement for her full-time job. Two years later, she quit that job and focused on her baking.

In October 2016, the first pies went out as wholesale pies to Pome on the Range in Williamsburg, Kansas. Pome on the Range is an orchard and winery that is a popular family attraction.  From there, with her husband Chad's support, she has been able to expand and grow her pie business to include 30 flavors of pies and 10 flavors of cheesecakes distributed to over 40 retail locations on Kansas and Missouri from their operation headquarters in New Strawn, KS.

Wanda continues to experience amazing growth year over year. 

Hometown Pie Company


Hometown Pie Company is receiving recognition as a premiere made-from-scratch pie operation.  That is because Wanda Chaffain is an exceptional food manufacturer.  Wanda also wants to be an exceptional leader.  As the company continues to grow, Wanda needs to assume not only the role of pie manufacturer, but also the role of business leader, making appropriate business decisions to help the company as it goes through changes associated with growth.  It is critical she improves her personal productivity and leadership effectiveness which will allow her to determine which direction she wants to take the business and how large she wants it to become.   

Wanda is seeking external expertise from Kansas Manufacturing Solutions for executive coaching to achieve the following:

  • Identify and align her passions and strengths
  • Understand what skills are necessary to control growth
  • Develop expertise on managing challenges that will surface as the business experiences growing pains
  • Work as a whole person, bringing her values to work and her business

 This will help Wanda work "on" the business rather than just "in" the business.


Wanda is working to learn how to maximize her strengths, minimize her weaknesses, delegate, make critical decisions for the company and herself, and lead the organization toward growth and profitability.

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions worked closely with Wanda to customize a virtual training and coaching solution to support the goals she wanted to achieve.  The ultimate objective was to improve Wanda's ability to lead effectively.  Multiple one-on-one sessions were conducted on a bi-weekly basis with a combination of different leadership and management topics.  The training and coaching focused on:

  • Performance
  • Time Management
  • Managing Priorities
  • People Management
  • Physical Capacity

With the awareness and knowledge Wanda gained, Wanda can be confident in her decisions and performance as the Hometown Pie Company business leader.  While she is still determining which direction she wants to take her company, she has tools and resources to manage to the objectives she wants to achieve.


Wanda was able to start to use the training to attract $30,000 worth of new business

Additionally, the work completed with Hometown Pie Company resulted in a cost savings of $20,000. 

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"We are very excited about the growth opportunity Hometown Pie Company has in its future.  Kansas Manufacturing Solutions’ support with developing the skills I need to effectively grow my business and to manage that growth has been very beneficial."

Wanda Chaffain, Owner