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A Leading Manufacturer of Chiropractic Tables Works Out the Kinks


Leander, LLC is a leading manufacturer of chiropractic tables with clientele located in both the domestic and international markets.  The business, based in Lawrence, KS, possesses a strong reputation for quality products, and has a strong distributor network.  In 2020, with limited manufacturing experience, Gary and Greg Summers acquired, what was then, Leander Healthcare Systems.  They knew the success of the business would be dependent on improving their current conditions and directly pursued the experience of an outside resource.

Leander - A KMS Client


Leander had multiple opportunities to improve their operations.  The existing facility had concerning safety and space concerns that caused heightened liability and efficiency issues. A new facility was being purchased and a future layout was needed to provide for optimal production and material flow.  Leander also lacked an MRP database or production reporting system to track operational production, inventories, costs, and scheduling.  As a result of not having these systems in place, Leander held excessive inventory of obsolete or seldomly requested parts for discontinued products.


Kansas Manufacturing Solutions worked shoulder to shoulder with Leander to remove some of the impediments to growth that they were facing.  Prior to moving to a new facility, a 5S initiative was implemented, identifying and eliminating the excess and obsolete materials and after completion created organized, safe, efficient workspaces.   Leander transitioned to their new facility during the project, and with Kansas Manufacturing Solution assistance, implemented a layout to maximize the efficiency of production processes, reduce motion and transportation waste and enhance the utilization of the available space. Kansas Manufacturing Solutions delivered Lean Training with hands-on simulations to train employees on Lean methodologies and kick-start Leander’s transformation to a Lean-based culture.  With Kansas Manufacturing Solutions' assistance, Leander modernized their MRP system to a web-based platform, allowing them to manage their inventory, costs, and production effectively anywhere in the world.


Leander, LLC reported to an independent third-party verifying the value Leander received from the project, an increased and retained amount of sales that approached $1M, along with a costs savings near $250,000.  


"The core competencies of KMS are incredibly valuable whether you think you need them or not. We knew we needed the help of KMS, but we did not know how much we didn’t know!"

Greg Summers, President