Managing Cyber Risk WEBINAR

On 9/9/21, KMS hosted a webinar regarding the cyber risk and manufacturing.

Larger manufacturing operations have a depth of resources to implement effective cybersecurity measures.  Hackers know this, and they know that small to medium sized manufacturers are usually less protected, making them soft targets.  In fact, over 60% of small businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months, and with odds like that, your business could be next. 

Michael Gutierrez talked about his firsthand experience with a ransomware attack on the manufacturing company he was an IT Director for.  

Raja Paranjothi of Oread Risk & Advisory provided some recommendations for protecting your business.  His colleague, Dan Carter, provided an update on CMMC.  

The objective of the webinar was to encourage you to get started on a cyber risk mitigation journey, be it basic security for your manufacturing organization or the more complex upcoming DoD compliance requirements.  

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As a Kansas manufacturer, you can also take advantage of a limited time opportunity to have a no-cost cybersecurity readiness review and gap analysis.  More information and the ability request a cybersecurity readiness review and gap analysis can be found HERE

Last of all, for more information about reducing risk and protecting your business, visit our Cybersecurity webpage HERE.  You can download a Manufacturers Guide to Cybersecurity from KMS and NIST MEP.