What's Your Company's Export Strategy?

By Guest Blogger on June 24, 2016

Exporting seems to be a hot topic now days.  With the oil industry and farming sectors taking a negative economic turn a lot of organizations and business are wondering, “What do we do now???  Can exporting be an option?  Will it work for us?  Where do we Start?  How do we get our product out to new customers?”  These are all valid questions and questions that need to be asked. 

Think about it. When domestic sales are robust, often there is little interest in undertaking the nuances and sometimes complexities of finding, developing and selling to a foreign market.  But what if you had an executable strategic marketing plan for exporting within your company?  What would implementing this plan do while the domestic market is down? 

Statistically smaller companies will perform better if they export, but they must be proactive in their approach to make sure the right markets and distribution channels are well defined and executed.  The KISS principle applies here.  Keep It Simple with regards to geography and similar markets will help reduce both cost and risk. 

The information needed to start an export transaction includes how the goods considered for export are classified, where they are going, who is receiving them and how they will be used.  Product differentiation in terms of a clear value proposition is key to enhancing export success.    You may already export to a handful of countries, but believe there is a much bigger opportunity in global markets. You may be new to exporting or not even exporting at all and would like to shift from a reactive to proactive approach to increase growth and profitability. 

For years U.S. companies have relied solely on the domestic market for growth…that piece of the pie is getting smaller. It’s not just about growth, it’s about survival with 80% of the world’s market being outside the U.S.  

You may see growth opportunity in global markets, but are struggling to carve out the time and resources to make it happen.  Whether you are an accidental exporter reacting to foreign inquiries or have been exporting for years and want to get to the next level, EXPORTECH™ could be your solution. It’s a structured export strategy development process that assists 4-8 companies to accelerate growth and the ONLY national program that helps each company develop an export plan, efficiently connecting companies with world-class experts that help navigate the export sales process.  It saves countless hours and eliminates fear of the unknown about getting paid, protecting intellectual property, finding sales reps and more.  On average, participating companies generate $770K in new export sales. 

MAMTC can help your company with the process, to get answers to these and more export related questions.  MAMTC is the MEP representative for Kansas and we work with NIST to help you make informed decisions to better your organization.  For example, NIST recently posted an article outlining channels for getting your product distributed, http://1.usa.gov/1VvYZxH.  This is an example of some of the information that you will be exposed to in an ExporTech session.  Additionally, other parts of the information shared with participants of the program involve hands on activity, making the program and outcome specific to you and your organization.

Contact Scott Gardner today to learn more and reserve a spot in the next ExporTech session.