Wasted Innovation…

By Guest Blogger on July 15, 2016

In Lean Six Sigma we spend a lot of time talking about foundational tools which are really rooted in the Lean way of thinking.  Small and Mid-Size companies operate differently than Larger companies.  Small companies usually have to be fundamentally sound while large companies require more structure. 

You’re probably wondering … What does this have to do with Waste and Innovation?  I’m glad you asked.  In both settings; the waste is people.  Otherwise known as Underutilization of People.  This waste has an exponential effect on every business and every company.  The sad part is that it is possibly the most overlooked waste of them all.

Most companies are starting to realize this now that the “Baby Boomer” generation are starting to retire or ponder retirement.  You see, this generation has all of the tools of the trade locked away in their “Mind Vault”.  When they walk out the door many business leaders will start reinventing the wheels to their organizations.  The good thing is that they realize it; the bad thing is they don’t have time to react, and some have adopted the “Deer” effect.  Sorry, but it is coming and it will hit you no matter how much you stand there and stare at it.

You must take on an Innovative mind set coupled with the tools and principals found in MAMTC’s Transformational Continuous Improvement program.  It’s taken your staff years to compile the knowledge and wisdom about your organization, and believe it or not you can’t just flip a switch and make it all better.  NOW is the time to start transforming your organization, by tapping in to the wisdom and knowledge before it leaves, and developing Innovative systems for your organization that will take it into the future.

MAMTC has mastered the tools and techniques to help you take your organization into the future.  We can work with your people at your location, and teach you the tools and techniques you will need to move forward.  I am reminded of the lyrics of an old song… “Time is money, and money is time; you can waste yours, but I’m not wasting mine”.

Everything and everyone necessary for innovation and growth can be found inside your four walls, and MAMTC knows how to tap into all of your resources.  There is no time like the present.  Don’t wait; the impact to your business is compounding daily and not in a good way.