What Does MAMTC Know About Making Our Product?

By Joe Torrago on November 29, 2016

From time to time, when we are with manufacturers in Kansas, we are asked what we know about making the types of products they produce. The answer quite simply is probably nothing. You heard me right, I said we may know absolutely nothing about how to make your product. So then how are we qualified to help manufacturers become more productive and profitable, making product we may know nothing about? I will give you two reasons that are seemingly opposite. First is ignorance and the other is knowledge.

Our general ignorance about your product gives us an advantage. We know nothing about how your product is made. This means we are ignorant of the current thinking of what "CAN" and "CANNOT" be done. We are not afraid to ask "Why is done this way?" or "Why can't it be done like this?" We have no preconceived ideas, or knowledge about what you might have tried in the past unsuccessfully. Invariably, questions like this allow for paradigm shifting breakthroughs in how some products are made. We use this advantage to help you, Kansas manufacturer, become more productive.

On the other end of the spectrum is our knowledge. While we are not process experts, we are Process Improvement experts. With over 75 years collective experience in Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma and Process Improvement in a variety of industries, we have served Kansas manufacturers helping them become more productive. We have used this knowledge and experience over the last 25 years to help manufacturers in Kansas across just about every conceivable type of product being produced.

I would love the opportunity to share our ignorance and knowledge with other manufacturers. Give me a call or email me to discuss your particular product.

Joe Torrago