Help me, my hands are tied!

By Joe Torrago on February 27, 2017

We frequently call on clients in Kansas who are part of larger organizations with headquarters or corporate offices located in another state. The local contacts say they would like to work with us, but the decision is not theirs to make, has to be approved by the home office, or may not be consistent with organizational strategy. In any of those cases, the local plant's hands are tied and believe they are stuck between a rock and hard place - the desire to work with us and improve productivity and the requirement to satisfy corporate ownership. Sounds like a real dilemma. Sound familiar?

Never fear, your friendly neighborhood MEP, MAMTC, has a few solutions.

First, we would love to talk with your corporate or home office decision makers. We understand the politics of corporate policies and oversights. As a matter of fact, we would prefer to talk about productivity improvement strategies at the highest level in an organization. The more it is bought into and sponsored at the higher level, the more effective it will be.

Secondly, MAMTC is part of a national network of Manufacturing Extension Partnership, or MEP, providers. There are 51 of us, one in every state and in Puerto Rico. So, no matter where your corporate oversight is located in the United States, there is one of our MEP network partners providing the same types of services we do right here in Kansas.

After we talk with your corporate oversight and they want to engage with the services an MEP provides, it can be implemented uniformly across the corporate landscape, in whatever state locations happen to be.

Lastly, even if your corporate oversight still isn't convinced, we can work with your location in Kansas. We have worked with national companies with locations in Kansas. We will ensure our efforts locally are consistent with you corporate strategies. I would be happy to share with you examples of companies we did work like this in the past, and even currently.