Lean Supply Chain

By Joe Torrago on July 4, 2017 | Topics > Operations

There are countless articles, blogs, white papers, presentations, websites, consultants and professionals telling the story about the benefits of Lean for your organizations operations. They all have their own spin, but a few key concepts come through all those sources. Concepts around value added, non-value added, 7, 8 or 9 types of waste, customer defining value, value stream mapping, focus on system optimization, building sustainable cultures of continuous improvement are just a few that are shared across the spectrum. Those sources will also talk about the benefits of applying these concepts in your operation. And so many organizations across manufacturing, health care, military, and government have gone on a Lean journey with incredible success.

But what about Lean for your supply chain? What about using those same concepts and apply them with the same diligence throughout your supply chain? Why wouldn't this same focus on value, customer, value stream, system optimization and sustainability in your supply chain yield similar positive results? The answers, of course, are all a resounding YES, YES, YES!

What is also a resounding YES is there are tools, both strategic and tactical, steeped in Lean, that have direct application to any organizations supply chain. NIST/MEP has developed a four-pronged approach to Lean for Supply Chain. They are Strategy Development, Total Cost of Ownership, Risk Management and Partner Engagement. And just like Lean in Operations, the four tools work incredibly well together or independently, depending on your specific needs.

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