Q4 2022 Economic Impacts on Kansas Manufacturing

on November 8, 2022

KMS 2022 Economic Impacts for Kansas Manufacturing

Q4 2022 Economic Impacts on Kansas Manufacturing Webinar 

On November 8th, Chris Kuehl, Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence, provided great information about what the economic conditions are today and forward-thinking insight about what may be coming down the economic road.  The objective of the webinar is to provide you information that can assist you with your forwarding thinking strategic plans and decisions.   

“There’s been an assertion for years that we’re no longer a manufacturing nation. That somehow this has all gone to China and we don’t make anything anymore.  That’s not true.  We still account for 40% of the value of global manufacturing.  China accounts for 15-20% at most.”    

"There are reasons to worry about a recession, there are reasons not to worry about a recession.  The big issue is inflation fighting."    

Thank you for your interest in Kansas Manufacturing Solutions and Armada Corporate Intelligence.

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Q4 Economic Impact on Kansas Manufacturing

Two other resources available to Kansas manufacturers:

​Download the KMS guide to Recession Proofing Your Business.

The Armada Flagship Report, a twice weekly electronic economic update produced by Armada Intelligence, is available to Kansas manufacturers at no charge through the KMS - Armada Intelligence partnership.  Sign-up HERE to have the Flagship sent to you!