Showing You the Money Virtual Event

on March 14, 2023

Funding to Improve Your Competitiveness

Kansas City Manufacturing Network (KCMN) and Central Kansas Manufacturing Network (CKMN) hosted a combined networks virtual monthly meeting.  Non-members were invited to participate in the event, too.

The topic for the virtual meeting was Grants.  Four presenters talked about various grants, incentives, and recommendations for locating and applying for these funding sources.  

  1. Shalaya Morissette from the US Department of Energy talked about Federal grant opportunities.
  2. Tim Zimmerman, of the Kansas Department of Commerce, spoke about incentives and funding programs in Kansas.
  3. David Kramer discussed USDA programs.
  4. Mick Vandeloo, of Lakeview Consulting, wrapped up the virtual event by pulling together the grant landscape for manufacturers.  

You can locate their presentations on either CKMN's or KCMN's website, on their Resources webpage.  While you are at the website, check out the benefits of being a member of their manufacturing network!  There are some truly positive reasons to be a part of the manufacturing community!

If you would like to watch a replay of the virtual event, you can find it HERE.