on April 11, 2023

Positive Impacts for Kansas Manufacturing

465,00,000 is a big number.  And that number is good for Kansas manufacturers.  That is the total number of dollars of new and retained sales that the combined KMS clients experienced in 2022 because of working with us. 

KMS is held accountable for our performance through published third-party quarterly surveys of KMS clients to ensure a performance scorecard of certified value for the manufacturing customers we serve. This provides reassurance to Kansas manufacturers that KMS has their best interests in mind and that a positive ROI is achievable.

You know what KMS is also pleased about?  We are elated we were able to solve problems that were negatively affecting Kansas manufacturers' ability to control costs, retain employees, and stay competitive, which for many organizational leaders, caused tremendous personal stress.     

Here are some additional 2022 impacts from the collective KMS Kansas manufacturing clients:

  • $114.6 Million - New Client Investments
  • $30.8 Million - Cost Savings
  • 3,873 - Total Increased and Retained Jobs
  • $465.2 Million - Total New and Retained Sales

KMS is proud to support the manufacturing industry which is so important to Kansas, Kansas communities, and the Kansas economy.  We will continue our efforts of hard work, shoulder to shoulder with Kansas manufacturers, in their efforts to improve effectiveness, efficiency, profitability, and growth.  

Are you experiencing frustrations in your manufacturing operation that are costing you time and money, and personally impacting you in a negative way?  Let's have a conversation.