Optimizing for Your Future State

In the span of two months, the coronavirus pandemic has caused massive changes for the manufacturing industry.  

Some manufacturers have had to shut down their operations, while others have had to scramble to increase production.  No matter which end of the spectrum your company is on, the way you do business has been dramatically altered.  As stay-at-home restrictions in Kansas start to ease, manufacturers are now focusing on optimizing their future state.   

In an effort to provide extended support of small & mid-sized manufacturers, KMS will be providing resources to help you determine what that future state looks like. 

Return to Work and Recovery Guide v5.  KMS developed this as a guide to return to work and recovery as you maintain, resume all or restart operations.  Click HERE to download the guide. 

Managing Risk with Employees Back to Work Webinar Replay.  On 4.30.20, KMS hosted a webinar that discussed strategic planning for your future state, tactics to keep your employees safe in the work environment, and legal considerations to mitigate risk to your business. 

Video Replay (The video is housed on a private library.  You may be asked to provide your name and email address in order to gain access to the video replay of the webinar)

Presentation Deck and Q/A (If you would like to contact any of our presenters for additional assistance, please let us know at info@werekms.com)

  • Stefanie Montgomery - Strategic Planning Expert at Montgomery Ink, LLC
  • Ross Smith - Operations Manager at Occutec
  • Kyle Russell - Managing Partner at Jackson Lewis - Workforce Law