Every Business Needs HR Services

By Guest Blogger on October 18, 2017 | Topics > Operations, Workforce

For over 25 years, MAMTC has helped our clients achieve success. We’ve worked with hundreds of Kansas manufacturers, helping them optimize their operations, develop their workforce, and see real growth in their businesses. Our team of engineers and business experts has developed impactful solutions to real manufacturing problems.

Over the years, we’ve had questions come up in areas outside of our expertise and have referred our clients to third parties specializing in those areas. In doing so, we’ve developed a strong network of trusted specialists.

We want that network to be as impactful as possible for our clients. So, we’re establishing more formalized partnerships between our clients, our network of vetted specialists, and MAMTC.

Part of that partnership network will include blogs by key industry leaders.

Today's post is from MAMTC HR Strategist Jennifer Endsley, PHR. With more than 15 years of experience in HR and Administration for both private and non-profit organizations, Jennifer is well versed in General HR processes and compliance, coaching, workforce development, and employee engagement. Don’t wait to schedule your free evaluation with Jennifer by contacting Jaylene Shea with MAMTC at 316-807-2149 or email jshea@mamtc.com . 


            Every business with more than two employees needs some level of HR expertise but many smaller or medium sized businesses cannot afford a full-time or even part-time HR team member. The company owners and top management may try their hand at handling all that is required by employees with some doing it pretty well. Yet many owners and managers fail to realize there can be a very large opportunity cost when spending inordinate amounts of time handling tricky employee issues and ever-changing HR regulations. Some of those issues are best dealt with by an outside individual who has expertise and knowledge of employee laws and can handle any antagonistic behavior.

            There are at least five common areas where HR services are needed: General HR, Compliance, Employee Engagement, Workforce Development, and Risk Mitigation. Other HR responsibilities such as Labor Relations (unions) and Safety require more in-depth work and may be better kept within the guidance of the owners and top management with the help of very skilled consultants. Typical HR services available within the five main topics include:

  • General HR: developing and implementing company-specialized HR processes and policies, standard operating procedures, recruiting, handbooks, PTO and scheduling, benchmarking and analytics, disciplinary procedures, job descriptions, acquired employees
  • Compliance: HR training (required annual), leaves of absences (FMLA, maternity, military), FLSA audits and classifications, and disability (ADA, job modifications, maternity)
  • Employee Engagement:  culture and organizational HR strategy, new hires (processes, orientation, training), coaching (executive, formal, informal, group), and employee retention strategies
  • Workforce Development: employee development (leadership and management training), internship programs and oversight, performance management (reviews and 360 appraisals), testing for cultural and positional fit, team development (building and conflict resolution), succession planning and development (strategic staffing and promotion), and workforce planning for strategy and contingency
  • Risk Mitigation: conviction matrices (adverse actions in hiring and current employees), drug and alcohol policies and procedures, reduction in force without discrimination, and investigations for harassment and discrimination

Not all services are of the same quality or the same level of intensity. Depending on the service such as retained searches for recruiting, some services may have money back or replacement guarantees. These services do come at a premium and extensive work must be done to ensure the placement is the right fit for both the company culture and the responsibilities of the position. Many consulting companies may provide services on specific projects while others may provide retained HR services of a certain number of hours on a per monthly fee.

What is a business owner to do when they cannot afford to hire another individual? Utilizing a consulting service for a project, initiative, or for a longer term may bring instant and consistent results similar to an in-house HR team member. Companies will keep a lower head count, obtain specialized and reputable HR services, and ultimately saving money in lower risk and better operations. Utilizing an external HR specialist will help a business move forward with a unified positive and productive workforce.

What is right for your business? The best and most inexpensive way to determine your company’s needs are through an unbiased evaluation by a reputable HR service company. Most companies like MAMTC provide a free, no obligation evaluation of your company’s HR and employee strengths and opportunities. Even though the evaluation is free, the best service companies provide a detailed written evaluation with possible initiatives and estimated costs associated with such services.