Manufacturing Start-ups: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Tiffany Stovall on December 15, 2016

With the exciting entrepreneurial renaissance in Kansas and beyond, we are often approached by companies in start-up phase or someone who knows a guy/girl who is making the next million dollar product in their garage. So what happens next?

Typically, these types of companies are looking for help getting their product manufactured, finding distribution, getting into stores, startup of the company, etc. Our first step with these companies is to sit down and assess where they are and where they are trying to grow to, along with what sorts of systems they need help putting in place to get a new manufacturing company up and running. These sorts of activities may include anything from help finding a suitable space and plant layout, to help developing HR systems and manuals, to help with sales and marketing to identify, find and effectively reach targeted customers.

There is an old African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. It reflects the emphasis that African cultures place on family and community. The same saying is used in America to evoke feelings of community on the small scale as well as on the national and even global scale. At MAMTC, we truly believe it takes a community to grow and support manufacturing companies at any stage of their growth. A community of experts and specialists that can provide targeted expertise in all areas of manufacturing from production floor to the offices and C-Suites. With this belief, MAMTC is developing and supporting a network of vetted and trusted manufacturing experts, both internal and external to our organization, that can help companies regardless of their need and at any stage of growth.

As some of you may know, for many years, MAMTC wasn’t able to provide the kind of support these companies needed because we didn’t have the infrastructure in place to deal with manufacturing start-ups which are a completely different animal than established firms. However, the larger national effort to reshore as much manufacturing as we can, and support the resurgence of manufacturing startup firms that once served as one of the key economic engines to growth for these great United States made us look harder at how we are able to serve Kansas manufacturing start-ups.

As we were approached by more of these types of companies and realized that our manufacturing expertise and network of support could help fill the gaps these startup companies were facing, we decided to shift our model a bit to be able to better serve these enterprises.  From manufacturing start-up through matured and established companies that need to expand, find new markets, or solve for any number of challenges, MAMTC is able to help companies position for growth. If we can help you in any phase of your growth, or you just want to talk about how we can help you take your startup to the next level, please give us a call.